1985 BMW 745i grey market importStart by getting as such information from your client as you can. We call this intake questioning. Obvious? Maybe, but I’ve seen rookies in the field without the most basic information they need. Clients don’t know what to tell you. You have to ask. Your target profile needs to have more than names, ages, and locations your target frequents. You want a comprehensive report, with as much itinerary as possible. This means including often-overlooked information, like physician appointments, hobbies, clubs, marital history, a list of new friends, whether they carry a firearm, etc. Your list cannot be too thorough. before you go into the field, you will supplement your intake information with a basic search of property databases, and whatever other search tools you use in your work. Be sure to get a recent photo, and put all the information into your target folder. Be sure your clients name is not in the folder; keep that separate and safe. If your cover is blown, or you have an accident of some kind, you don’t want your client’s name to be discoverable.

Your vehicle should be completely unnoticeable. You want to blend in, not stand out in any way. Your car should be a few years old, but not classic, or memorably old. if you have a choice, choose a gray car. Black makes you look like you are trying to hide, but grey is actually better. It does not stand out as much against other surfaces, day or night. Your car should be a blank page in the memory of everyone who sees you in it. No advertising, no lettering or stickers, no fancy license lettering, nothing, nada, even your hubcaps should be dull and boring. Be invisibly ordinary. Don’t go for the dark window look, or the reflective window look, nothing that makes it impossible to see inside the car. That’s the first thing people look for when employing counter surveillance. Use a gentle tint, because its effect is magnified after dark. Throw one of those heat shields in the window during the day. They mask your presence and keep you cooler. Wear clothes that bend into your car’s interior. Blend in, fade away.

Mark Fuller
Professional Detective for 15 Years

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